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CNC Machining in Southwest Idaho

Your One Stop Shop

CNC Machining in Southwest Idaho

Bear Mountain Machine Group

Bear Mountain Machine has been in business since 1983. We have over 40 years experience specializing in machining, fabrication, antique restoration, and black oxide. Bear Mountain Machine is a fully operational CNC screw machine shop, featuring 5 axis CNC Swiss screw machines, CNC lathes, CNC mills, Brown and Sharpe screw machines and a variety of second operation equipment.


We provide our customers with the service and quality that will exceed expectations. We are committed to an environment that encourages teamwork with our customers so we will meet their needs as set forth through verbal or written agreements.

What Can Bear Mountain Machine Do For You?

We range in custom parts ranging from medical parts, specialty screws, etc. Our machines are able to hold very close tolerances. We have the ability to produce one to 900,000 piece orders. In addition, we do prototype work. If you have a part that you would like designed we will be able to help. Our prices range depending on the part, quantity and run time.

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